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Tough we hold since 1993 an internationally recognized FCI Kennel Name, the breeding is not for us a business, but the natural outlet of our passion for this breed, that we love and appreciate for more than twenty years.

We have a litter every three-four years, taking in particular care the genealogy, where we can go back of many generations, thanks to our database of more than 12.000 salt and pepper schnauzers.

We pay particular attention to the prevention of  the hip dysplasia, letting mate our bitches only by HD-free (HD A) dogs  coming from HD-free bloodlines.

Thanks to this breeding policy all our brood-bitches are HD-free.

From each litter a bitch remains with us to keep on with the family "vom Silbernen Strahl".

We take in particular care the character and the type uniformity and peculiarities in our subsequent generations.


Our puppies are born and growth at home and start to make their experiences in the environment, where our everyday life takes place, as full members of the family, together with us and our adult bitches.

As soon as possible the puppies start to have "social" contacts with the people visiting us and to become familiar with the noises of the house and from the outside world.

Short "exploration" outings allow them to gain experience of the outside world and in particular quick runs by car together with their mother allow them to avoid subsequent problems even by long journeys.


We remain in touch with all the owners of our schnauzers, in Italy and abroad, following them also after their left our home. If possible we meet them not only when they are adult dogs, but also when they become old dogs.




The schnauzers "vom Silbernen Strahl"


The history of the schnauzers "vom Silbernen Strahl" starts in Germany in 1990, when the progenitor bitch Bellasissi vom Achterplätzchen comes, two months old puppy, in our home in Munich.

Bellasissi brings with her the character of her strong father, Gauner von Nußgarten, and the charm of the wonderful mother, Argenta's Elvira.


In 1993 the Kennel Name "vom Silbernen Strahl" is granted to us by the FCI; the name means "of the silver ray", choosen to recall both the colour of our schnauzers and the Kennel Argenta's, home of the mother of Bellasissi.


After a successful career (International, German and VDH Champion, PSK and ÖSPK Klubsieger) Bellasissi gives us in 1996 (with the collaboration of Asgard Argentas Challenger) the "A" litter. (Albatros, Amadeus, Arminius, Astra).

Astra vom Silbernen Strahl stays with us and all together move to Turin.


Astra, following in her mother's footsteps, three years old, is International, German and VDH Champion and PSK Klubsieger.

From the meeting with Rufus Zed Astra brings forth in 1999 the "B" litter (Bacchus, Baldus, Bandit, Belzebù, Beatrix, Bianca, Brunhilde).

Bianca vom Silbernen Strahl stays in our family, with her mother Astra und her grandmother Bellasissi and follows successfully  their footsteps  in the life and in the shows.


In 2005 Huckleberry vom Achterplätzchen (nephew of Bellasissi) is the father of the "C" litter of Bianca (Calvin Sirius, Caligola, Camelot, Cerberus, Casanova, Cleopatra, Chiara).

Cleopatra vom Silbernen Strahl stays in our pack, joining her great-grandmother Bellasissi and her mother Bianca, while her grandmother Astra has unfortunately left us before her time short before the birth of the litter.

Cleopatra, three years old, becomes German Champion and PSK Klubsieger and from the mating with Ravel vom Achterplätzchen is born in 2009 the "D'" litter (Diabolus, Deutsche Dame, Dafne, Dea, Delia, Dora, Diva, Doris, Duchessa).

Deutsche Dame vom Silbernen Strahl stays in our family with her grandmother Bianca Bianca and her mother Cleopatra.


Deutsche Dame, in the tradition "vom Silbernen Strahl", less than three years old, becomes German Champion and PSK Klubsieger, while the grandmother Bianca wins the titles of German VDH Veteran Champion and PSK Veteranenklubsieger.

In autumn 2012 Deutsche Dame brought forth the "E" litter (Edoardo, Erasmus, Eros, Euclide, Edith, Eleonora, Elvira). Father of the puppies is Simon vom Achterplätzchen.
Edith vom Silbernen Strahl comes in our pack joining her great-grandmother Bianca, her grandmother Cleopatra and her mother Deutsche Dame.




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